Anyone got a motorcycle?

I want to get one, but I have some questions.

I have a motorcycle (Kawasaki). What sort of questions?

Well, I would like to save for a motorcycle that is for beginners. I dont want a sport bike or a hardcore bike, but a bike that can get around town if I want, and maybe dirt roads. The bike would mostly be something to ■■■■ around with, and maybe go get a burger if I want.

I have seen minibikes, dirt bikes, and cruisers. I think those would be good.

So, do I need to take a class?

What bike should I get?


Oh and I need to be 18 to own a street legal bike ( Something that is fast enough and large enough to go in traffic lanes instead of bike lanes) but I can currently ride mini bikes and dirt bikes legally.

To be honest, it’s mostly about preference than anything else. I can tell you a little about what you should be looking for:

  • Transmission type: Chain drive, Belt drive or Shaft drive. (Maintenance required varies).
  • Type of brakes (front and back): Drum or Disk.
  • Size of Engine: as starter I’d recommend around 500-750cc

Off-road is not really recommended on anything other than those designed for it (Dirt bikes).

Yes, Motorcycles does requires a license. You may want to check up on that for your country.

In my country there are 3 types of “bikes”:

  • Bicycle
  • Scooter/Moped - 2 variants: 30km/h which can be driven at the age of 16 (still require a license); 45km/h, which requires regular license for a car (age 18)
  • Motorcycle - License required (not same as for car)

Maybe a small Dual sport type bike. DRZ400, KLR 650, CRF250L, etc…
Easy to ride, inexpensive, can hit dirt roads.
I’ve had a bunch and enjoy riding them more than larger street bikes.

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I read that and think bicycle would be enough. How far would you like to get on it? 16 km daily? 30? Bicycle doesnt need fuel and you dont need much cash to use one and do maintenance.

i ride a 1998 honda cbr 600f from time to time
i also have a couple of rdfs
wish i had more time for bikes

Anyone got a Grom bike?

I’ve ridden a motorcycle at 160mph on public roads, lane split at 20mph but I’ve never gained the courage or alas stupidity to ride a bicycle on a public road in the UK.

You might have the moral high ground in every aspect but it won’t save you as you get crammed under the axels of a HGV or bus in the city or get rear ended by national limit traffic on a blind corner in the country.

As murmured to a bicyclist through a bus window as he attempted to undertake ‘‘you were not wrong mate, you’re just dead now.’’.

Cyclists and all other powered transport do not mix; Cyclists and pedestrians do not mix. Cyclists need their own dedicated infrastructure in major metropolises and the sooner cyclists realise they’ll need to pay for said infrastructure the better cycling will be in the UK and USA. I’m not one for licence plates for bicycles but instead a levy should be placed upon cycle, cycle parts to pay for new infrastructure.

You mean you dont have european infrastructure for bicycles yet? :laughing:

Human on bicycle is the most energy efficient thing when it comes to transportation, beating everything else.

City is perfect for bicycles, only need dedicated roads. Best would be to just reduce the car roads and make it bicycle roads.

get a cheapo bike as a first bike

kawasaki er5 comes to mind (bullet proof engine, cheap and easy to work on your self for easy maintainance)

ER5’s are horrific IMHO, by far worst motorcycle/cost thing I’ve ever ridden. They rattle like hell due to the 3 cylinder, rust & have the most vacant steering I’ve ever felt on a bike. I’d pick a bandit 600 or sv650 over them anyday.

For a first small bike a grom is ideal and if you want to go into a bigger bike first then I’d choose a SV650 anyday. My first bike was a bandit 6 but I’d have preferred the 650 even if it is slower.

Vespa is where it’s at.

Obviously, when riding a Vespa suit and tie, NATO jacket and The Who patch are required by law.

Or if it isn’t, it should be.

It has been my experience that car drivers struggle to see those of us on two wheels.
The GSX400S was a heap of fun to ride until that fateful day when a car driver failed to give way.

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er5 are cheap as chips, also its a parallel twin not three cyclinder. issues you are mentioning sound unknown to me

gets you from a to b, and if you drop it who cares, which you probably will :slight_smile:

treat it as a disposable thing which it is, when you get a hang of actually driving a bike switch to something nicer

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Of course its the er6 what I’m thinking of both the n and f. was truly the worst bike I’ve ever ridden not the er5, which might be fine as I’ve never ridden.

I’ve owned,

Bandit 600, Triumph TT, R6 FI, R6 Carb’d, another R6 FI & sold a Triumph Daytona 675 just the other month.

Bikes I’ve loaned, ER6 (bag of shit), Grom, Various Harley’s including a spanking and massive heritage softail & 1200 sporsters.

I’m going to get a forty eight next season.

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