ANZAC ALLIANCE - Now Recruiting Pilots, All TZs

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About ANZAC Alliance

While our name shows our Aussie & NZ roots: ANZA has grown over the past 12 years to be one of the largest AU timezone corps in the game.

ANZAC Alliance are members of DARKNESS.

The term ANZA refers to courage, mateship and strength against adversity, if you seek a challenging role within an established, structured organisation; ANZA is the place for you.

What we offer:

ANZA’s goal is to provide a home for all players, from all walks of life and all corners of the game, where you can be part of a social and active community. Although we are centralized in the AU/NZ Timezone we are also focusing on recruiting members in the US & EU time zones respectively. We cater to most levels of player; whether you’re just starting to look for Null sec PvP or a years old veteran, we offer a home in Eve for both.

We are in the top ten most active corps in eve, who not only work together in eve but also player other games and generally be social. Your attitude is more important to us than your skillpoints and experience.

For players newer to Null sec, you have access to classes, fleets, and advice and guidance from skilled and senior players. The full experience of going from carebear to experience Eve players is on offer with ANZA.

For the older players, we offer anything from capital incentive programs to Fleet Commander training.

If you’re seeking an active PvP game experience, ANZA are involved in every aspect of Eve; from Black Ops, Small roaming gangs, Large scale capital fleets and all facets of support. There are opportunities for all styles of play.

Check out this great video from one of our newer recruits, showing a Super Carriers perspective of the Battle for MT02-2

For newbies fresh into EvE, we offer friendly advice, material help and the opportunity to tag along with older experienced members, both in fleets and to make ISK.

What we are looking for:

  • ALL timezone players;
  • You must be a team player;
  • Must be an Omega level pilot;
  • Minimum 3 million SP;
  • Minimum character age of 6 weeks
  • Working microphone and willingness to setup 3rd party programs such as Discord and Teamspeak;
  • We are primarily a PVP corp which means that you must always be prioritizing pewing over jewing;
  • Positive attitude and willingness to learn and/or teach;
  • A reasonable degree of activity (logging in once a fortnight is not what we’re after);
  • An Mature enthusiastic attitude and the willingness to participate;
  • Must be willing to train our home defence and front-line doctrines.

Applicants are subject to a few checks and a chat/interview to get to know our recruits, before your formal application is invited.

So come drop by our in-game channel “anza apps” and give us a wave, or check out our website for more details.

Returning players with new toons looking for corp (0.0 PVP)
Experience Sucapital/Capital FC Looking for content
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Come join us! Our in-game channel is “anza apps” come pop in and say hi :smile:

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Recruitment is still open, come join us :slight_smile:

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We are still looking for more pilots, come join :slight_smile:

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Join us for a chat in game, channel “anza apps”

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Come join ANZA!

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Join ANZA Today!

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Come join “ANZA APPS” in-game and become part of a great Mercenary Corp/Alliance

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Join us today!

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We are still looking for fun & motivated pilots, come join ANZA!

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ANZA is still looking for pilots, come join the fun.

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