[AOKI.] LFM to Tackle upcoming Lifeblood content in Caldari Space (Hi-Low sec)(Industry)(PvE/PvP)

[AOKI.] Excellent Aoki Citizens is a freshly created corporation looking for more players in order to prepare for and tackle the incoming content in Lifeblood in Caldari space.
We are both about PvE and PvP, Industry and Small-scale Gangs, and based in High-Sec and Low-Sec. We are EU-based, with GMT prime time, comfortable with both English and French.

Our goal will be to organize daily fleets in order to tackle the new content in Lifeblood. If you want an idea, check out those links:

  • Resource Wars
  • Forward Operating Bases

Feel free to either contact me on Reddit, or Dantelion Shinoni in game, or search for Excellent Aoki Citizens and Apply to Join.

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