Apex is looking for New and old players

Apex Hegemony [APXHE] is recruiting new and old combat-focused players and industrialists, that enjoy working as a team. We are a PVP corporation focused on expanding our numbers. We live in null sec so it comes with all the obvious advantages, when we not engaged in PVP we rat, mine and do all the other stuff you’d expect.

We are a proud member of the Warped Intentions Alliance and the Legacy Coalition. We do operate that real life first policy. Christ I’ve kids I know how hard it can be… We keep it light-hearted and most importantly fun, after all eve is a game. At the core of our corp is teamwork, we put a big emphasis on helping each other out. We are active primarily during EU/US time periods.

What We Offer

  • Tailored training plans
  • Free ships for fleets for new players
  • Access to endless large-engagement Alliance and Coalition PVP
  • Corp and alliance fun fleets & suicide roams
  • Alliance logistics services
  • Well-developed markets, but tons of seeding opportunities
  • Fun, low hassle, drama-free culture
  • Corp & alliance mining ops (weekly)
  • Moon mining
  • Corp and Alliance buyback programs
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • Fleet activity at both corp and alliance level
  • Rich ratting and mining grounds

What We Require

  • Full ESI background check
  • ​Active on Discord and Mumble
  • Omega clone status
  • A team-focused perspective
  • Ability to train alliance doctrine fits
  • Desire and ability to actively participate in alliance fleets

Too join us contact Apex Hegemony in game our one of our recruiters

Kenco , Azariah Baleth , Seedstone Katelo

#pvp #null-sec


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