API key inaccessibility

Please CCP, stop ignoring my posts! I am unable to use my API key, why?

  1. wrong section, this is a place for players to post ludicriously stupid ideas (and every once in a blue moon a decent one)
  2. file a petition, the forum is not the place to go for support.

What petition? And what’s the ****ing sense? I posted this months ago on some other place, they still didn’t care.


As in a support ticket.

As Bjorn clearly stated, and he is correct in this statement, the forums is not where you go to find out what you ■■■■■■ up.

If there really was a problem with the APIs, the forums would be ablaze with people who want their utilities to start working again. Oddly, I have a half dozen of them open right now and they all work just fine.

99.99% chance that the problem is the interface between the keyboard and the chair.

I am sorry you don’t get me. There is a problem saying that there’s an illegals page request, and maybe you should stop ■■■■■■■ cursing on the page. Think happy thoughts, fellow capsuleer.

You will get far more useful help on your API usage here.


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