Application Support - SharedCache is 86 GB

Is it normal that the Application Support / SharedCache folder is about 86 GB?
Is there anything I can do to reduce the size of it?

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Assuming you mean “~/Library/Application Support” and not “/Library/Application Support”

In a terminal do a du -sh ~/Library/Application\ Support/* command to see what is eating up the space.

For reference,

~/Library/Application Support/EVE Online is 20GByte
~/Library/Application Support/CCP is 309 Mbyte


85+ Gb in ~/Library/Application Support/Eve online/SharedCache/
there are 3 folders and a few files, the folder are the problem:
ResFiles 85Gb
Sisi 258 MB
tq 299MB

Are those file important? should I delete them?
Or the only solution is to delete everything and reinstall? I really would like to avoid that :stuck_out_tongue:

but also the CCP folder seems to be huge:
/Users/XXXX/Library/Application Support/CCP/EVE/_users_XXXX_library_application_support_eve_online_sharedcache_tq_eve.app_contents_resources_build_tranquility
is about 890MB

You are welcome.


du -sh ~/Library/Application\ Support/EVE\ Online/SharedCache

is 23Gbytes

Have you tried pushing

Screen Shot 2024-05-29 at 6.19.16 pm

under settings | tools/cache ?

I did now, it loaded for a sec but the folders stay of the same size.

Edit: I will probably end up reinstalling the game if there are no solution.

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I uninstalled and reinstalled; saved ~40GB of space…

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Do not forget to check again in a few months in case it keeps ‘creeping’ up.

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