How to access shared cache

I can’t play the game. Each time I try to load it up, it gives the following error:
Could not copy files for Tranquility.
Please make sure that your drive has sufficient space, and that you have permissions to write into the shared cache folder.
folder permissions can be verified from the settings menu under shared cache.

I have tried to fix permissions, but it’s still not working. What do i do? On top of this, when I try to access my new steam account, it says it is patching.

you can ignore this, i fixed it with a reboot of the device.

I am having the same problems with the same message. I have tried all the ideas and have rebooted a few times. I even went down the route of installing the program and reinstalling it . How ever this does not work.

I have raised a ticket to CCP but am still awaiting human contact and a result for this problem .

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