**Error** Could not copy files for Tranquility...verified from the setting menu under Shared Cache


“Could not copy files for Tranquility. Please make sure that your drive has sufficient space, and that you have permissions to write into the shared cache folder. Folder permissions can be verified from the setting menu under Shared Cache.”

After yesterday (05-17-23) I guess there was a patch (?), I can’t log in anymore.
I went into the Preferences of Eve Launcher, can’t do anything for Shared Cache. The buttons is greyed out.
I deleted the game. Reinstalled but the same error pops. I left the Launcher active all night. No change. Rebooted. No change.

Anyone else having/had the same issue?

Same thing here

Me as well

Not seen that happen on my M1 Mac Studio.

I also had the same issue today after updating. Any word on the fix?

it is ccp… why bother with reply?
look they patching the Problem right at that moment:

I wonder how many different Error ! this “Beta” “Launcher” has.

hey CCP… just in Case you don’t know the Hamster: Hamster
Todays Patch:

And @GM_Mechanic bug is reported. Got a mail from GM Medusa…
with windows suppord on OSX… FIY

I quickly prepared the next error message:

update from todays patch:

And to quote from the Suppord: “In any case, I would like to see what exactly happened. I can see this if you provide a launcher log file.”

If the Game stuck in the Startup Laucher Log does not start. FIY…

Same here, cant login today after the downtime:


Any solution?. Actually checking shared folder integrity.

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