Approach/Orbit issues?

Anyone been noticing issues where the ship randomly realigns / drifts in space after clicking orbiting or approach (a wormhole or bookmark for example)?

Very annoying in wh space, as you can’t orbit or risk drifting away or get decloaked by the wh itself…

I’d wager that your left mouse button is going bad. When that happens, single clicks (such as when trying to rotate the camera) can register as double clicks, which will make the client think you double clicked in space.

I’ve had this happen to me like 3 times over the years playing Eve, and it’s always been fixed by a new mouse button or a new mouse.

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I would have considered that option, but considering I just bought a new computer 1.5 month ago (new keyboard and mouse with it), and that this happened on both computers, surely is something else.

Although, I think you have a good point. If there is something in the background running that could interfere, and make the game think that I am double clicking instead of single clicking?

I use teamspeak and discord while playing eve, along with siggy for wh mapping. Norton as antivirus, and the minimal of programs are running in the background, so nothing that I can think of.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I’ve never heard of any programs causing problems like that. The failing mouse button is kind of common though, and I’ve definitely heard other people say the same thing.

Now, I would tell you to verify that it’s the mouse by trying a different one, but it’s also quite likely that other mice might also have the same problem. For example, I once starting noticing some random flying off in space during a gaming session, and decided to use my old gaming mouse (which I had plugged into a media center PC) until I soldered on a new switch. Unfortunately, my old mouse ended up being even worse.

Anyway, I can’t say for certain that it’s the switch, but this is a common problem, and I consider it the most likely cause with a fair degree of certainty. Now, I normally tell people to rule out software before suggesting they drop cash on new hardware, but this would certainly be the first thing I checked if it happened to me again. Of course, I don’t buy new mice when this happens.

I don’t know, I suppose you can try a couple of different mice to see what happens. Just don’t assume that you can rule out the mouse because one old ass mouse also does the same thing.

Anyway, if you have at least a little bit of soldering skill, you can try replacing the mouse button. You can find the button type printed on the side of the switch. If you order them from Ebay, they’re so cheap they might as well be free. The downside is that you might have to wait for shipping from overseas. Of course, I bought a 10 pack like 8 years ago, and am still using them. Alternatively, you might be able to find your switch on Amazon. You’ll pay a little more, but will get it a lot quicker.

Yup, I can attest to that. It happened with 3 different models of the Logitech™ brand mice.
After pressing and holding the left mouse button as you do here in EVE, it would register as double-click all the time.

I am sending those back to Logitech™ and yell at them a bit.

Anyhow, I do have a different one plugged in and voilà, all buttons work as they should.

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