Pointer issues

Hello dear CCP

The game has a problem with my mouse. It too often needs two clicks where one click should suffice and the pointer gets stuck for a couple of seconds every 5mins of so.
It gets irritating to have to click twice to do anything and even the right-click menus need two tries before the game registers it.
Thank you for looking into it.
My mouse is wireless ( like many are nowadays ) and the brand is eWent. I’m aware that it may be a sh!t mouse and am thinking of buying a really nice expensive one.
Just thought you should know.

PS: If anyone reading this has any tips on a really good mouse brand, I’m all ears.
Thank you.

Well, my first thought is that is a problem with your mouse, and not the game.

One thing that might help is moving the receiver closer to your mouse (i.e. from the back io towards the front panel). In fact, with my setup, I found that my keyboard would sometimes get sluggish depending on how I was sitting (I usually keep my keyboard in my lap). So, I plugged the receiver into a USB extension cable that runs much closer to my lap, and the problem went away.

Thus, it’s possible that getting a new mouse may not solve your issues. Dunno. Maybe the mouse is failing, but it could also be an issue with poor reception.

Maybe try moving some things around before buying new hardware.

Anyway, I have been a logitech for a while, but my loyalty to them has started to waiver recently thanks to their anti-repair designs. On the plus side, their midrange hardware tends to offer a great value in terms of performance, lifespan, and feel, and they have good warranty service. However, as stated previously, their anti-repair designs is starting to get on my nerves (i.e. hiding screws under stickers and pads, tabs that are easily broken, covers that are glued down, a raised ring around the sensor of the mouse that causes the mouse to wobble if you remove the pads to get to the screws (so I had to glue them back on), and moving away from AA rechargeable batteries to a soldered on solution.

Needless to say, all this anti-repair stuff is really starting to get on my nerves, so I may start exploring other brands. However, if that’s something that you don’t care about, then it still might be a good choice for you.


If it was a problem with my mouse, the problem would exist while I play other games or while I’m browsing the Net, but it’s only present when I play EVE Online.

I will try that, thank you for the tip.

Logitech has been around a good while, I will definitely consider a Logitech gaming mouse ( if they manufacture such a thing ) as this mouse I have now is very cheap and I’d like to have a gaming mouse.

I will check other brands as well. Maybe the people at Logitech are getting complacent.


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Well, try updating your graphics card and mouse drivers. I know it might seem like the problem has to be with Eve if other games work fine, but there are issues that can sometimes only show up in certain titles. Don’t know enough to tell you why this is; I only know that it sometimes happens.

Two people mentioned that disabling Play.TV (which is apparently a recording software for AMD cards) fixed the need to double click everything in the games that they played.

Suggestions for fixing mouse freezing included disabling ATI Hotkey Poller service (which has to do with ATI hotkeys), Cortana, and realtek audio.

You can also try generic troubleshooting steps (like clearing cache or reinstalling Eve), but I’m not super confident that they are worth your time. Maybe if you get desperate.

And, you might want to file a support ticket while you’re at it.

Anyway, come back and tell us how you managed to fix it. Might help the next guy with the same problem.

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I will.
I’ll try your suggestions ( I already got rid of Play.TV a while ago ) and give an update in this thread.

Still want to buy one of those gaming mice though.

I know I switched from wireless kbm to wired and I have zero issues with mouse “lagging” like the wireless did.

I did think about returning to a wired mouse but I still remember how the wire was so aggravating for me.
Funny thing is my wireless mouse doesn’t act up in any program or game except for EVE.
I updated my NVIDIA drivers and improved the Direct3D performance in the NVIDIA dashboard but I’m going to check the drivers for the mouse itself in the Control Pannel, even if I’m seriously thinking of getting another mouse.

Eve was the main issue with mine. Especially when I run missions and switch between eve and the interwebz for mission info.

Glad it’s not just me. That proves that there is a script running with EVE that isn’t so compatible with certain mice.
I’m hoping a gaming mouse will do the trick.

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