Anyone got tips on a workaround for a faulty mouse switch?
I’ve software swapped (hacked the handedness) of the left mouse button to the right, but I had no idea how dependant I had become on EVEs (exemplar versatilis exaequo) right-click context menu.

I don’t have drivers config abilty to assign another switch to perform the failed switche’s function so I’m prolly screwed but checking in here just in case you know something I don’t.

You can get MMO mice with 20+ buttons on them so plenty of spares?

You’re asking for a software solution to a hardware problem. Hardware is broken.

3D printer perhaps or a Star Trek replicator?

Remap the middle button to the right click? Isn’t there an option in the ESC menu?

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Try to pull the faulty button up and then press it back in and hopefully hit the switch hard enough to make it work again for a bit. That worked on my old mouse before I got fed up and swapped it out.

Otherwise get a new cheapo mouse that will surely work a lot better than any workaround you can come up with.

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So, the proverbial hammer tool?

Try blowing air into the switch through the gap if it’s simply not registering a click or a double click sticking.

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You could use a program like Autohotkey to remap the function of your broken mouse switch to another key. As long as you only use Autohotkey for remapping buttons to other buttons, I don’t think it violates the EULA. You could open a ticket to confirm with CCP that it is allowed if you have any doubts.

The best solution is probably to replace the mouse, but if that is not possible in the very near future this would be the best workaround I can think of.

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I never would have thunk it but it did.
Just goes to show that everything feels better after a good blow.

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Often the problem is gunk that builds up and blocks the contact. It’s also amazing just how little dust and gunk on the mouse mat or laser can screw up pointer accuracy.

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Some brands are also built using low quality switches and static build up can be a problem or oil leaking. and can result in double clicking issues (also paired with difficult to find firmware updates and terrible drivers). Hence my suggestion for air blowing on it as that has worked with them before. I won’t mention brands but once was more than enough for one in particular gaming brand that is filed under “never again” as the build quality is awful. At least on Linux there’s some less invasive drivers for them.

Some mice though have 32-bit ARM processors (Cortex M0) on them so quite powerful in their own right, waiting on the first malware on mice as some have quite large storage on non-volatile memory too.

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Percusive maintenance.

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