I need Swapping Camera(only) left mouse - right mouse

(DIoGren Draconicus) #1

So Whay in 2017 this cosmos game not have option to Swap mouse left to right camera ?

(Ganellon Devians) #2

Look under “Display & Graphics” Settings, there is an option “Invert Y-axis”, have you already tried it?

(Memphis Baas) #3

Hit ESC, look in the options there.

If that doesn’t work, exit the game and use the Windows Control Panel to change your mouse settings.

If that doesn’t work, CCP does have a team that tries to improve the user interface, and they may add the option that you want, if you spell out exactly what you want the mouse buttons to do and NOT do.

As for the “2017” part of your question, it’s because minor changes to the user interface do NOT result in a huge increase in players or revenue to CCP. Go try any other MMO, see how easily you can get them to make changes to the user interface. Blizzard, EA, etc., big companies, do you think they’ll implement whatever you’re asking right away?

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