Shortcut and Hud problems

I was helping a newbro to understande game movemet and noticed that I was missing some icons on my hud as shown in the pic bellow

I tried a few key combinations to make it show, but I ended messing up even more with my game. Now everytime I click on anything on overview, my camera turns towards it.
So, how I make those icons show again and how can I make my camera be steady again?

Small arrow to the left of your speed readout at the bottom of the capacitor bubble.


Click the small arrow in the central display, It points towards your missing bits.
Then disable the follow camera function through your returned display , or press Ctrl + c? Could be, its another modifier like Alt or shift…,cant check right now


>> - this hides the buttons you’ve circled and becomes << so you can show them again

As far as camera turning, that’s a feature called “camera tracking”, and it toggles with c. You may want to hit ESC to go into the control panel and re-bind it to something else (though ctrl-c is copy, and alt-c and shift-c are probably taken too).

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Thanks all for the quick answers. Running incursions with that camera was driving me nuts. CCP should make these configs more noob friendly.

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