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Hi, hope this is the right place to ask this :slight_smile:

I am trying to arrange my UI in such a way that i find the most efficient. However, i seem to be having trouble with the target locking icons.

Whenever i lock a target the icon can be moved (dragged) to somewhere else on the screen which is fine but if i unlock a target and either re-target or target something else the target lock icon has moved back to its original position and not where i moved it to.

I’ve tried finding the answer online but a few posts state there should be a small ‘x’ to the top right of the target icon but i do not see it and the context menu when left clicking just gives the standard lock, unlock, show info stuff.

I want the target locks to start in the same place and i read if you target more than one then they will progressively filter vertically but mine only seem to filter horizontally. Am i just being stupid and missing something or can what i want no longer be done?

Thanks in advance for any help offered :slight_smile:

Oh and also is is possible to move the main HUD to the left or right rather than just to the top centre or bottom centre? I.E. just move if slightly left or right?

They are correct, it is a small “X” icon, you probably have the Overview or something else on the way.


Hold down left mouse button right on top of your capacitor and drag it to the sides

Oh and almost forgot, about the targets being vertical, right click the “X” you use to drag the targets around

The little ‘x’ was hiding behind another window lol.

Thank you so much for that. Me having a complete blonde moment :slight_smile:

Oh don’t worry, you still got loads to learn, including things that are surprisingly simple, but subtle! We all been through your place before ^^ Theres even some vets that been playing for years and are seemingly still learning about the game!

What about the mission tracking menu thing, like where all your missions show so you can check where to go and whether completed or not, can that be moved at all? I’ve applied the same principle but see no little ‘x’ and holding and clicking doesn’t work either.

Now that is a good question that I too would like to know how XD if it’s even possible that is

My pedigree is Warcraft (11+ years) and SWTOR (4+ years) so i am used to mission tracking been on the right side of my screen. Sorry, i’m a bit OCD and hate change lol :slight_smile:

It’s fine! Been in WoW too and feels odd to not being able to move mission list around XD Oh well, not the end of the world, I just make sure my mission runner is on the left screen of my computer cause I enjoy keeping all the windows clumped to the side where its connecting to the other screen ^^

Sorry for asking all these questions, i would just like to be a bit more prepared from a few days ago when 4 guys tag teamed me due to a war between my old Corp alliance. Caught me totally off guard but well deserved kill on their side :slight_smile:

So last question and maybe a bit advanced. I understand that i can drag my saved overview settings into chat (i have a second account and i am mirroring the settings). Can i somehow mirror my window layout and drag that into chat for my alt to click on or is that not possible?

Nope, I believe that is more of a personal “settings” folder in your pc somewhere when it comes to window positions, so look around to see what you’re looking for and, I assume, just copy/paste.

Shall do, thank you so much again, you’re a lifesaver as i was pulling my hair out in frustration :slight_smile:

No problem, glad I could help, fly safe o7

That o7 is a salute right? It looks like one lol

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o/ = wave

To answer a couple of your earlier questions:

Mission Tracker thing in the upper left corner cannot be moved. You can hide it, if you want, by clicking the missions icon at the top left of your screen, above the system name. There’s a row of icons there and they activate / deactivate the various sections of info that appear under the system name.

Now that you’ve moved the HUD to the left, you can also center the pop-up messages above it. The HUD circle has an “Options” button (looks like =, and one of the options lets you position the floating messages that appear on your screen.

And finally, you can move your ship to the left, too. Hit ESC and go into the Graphics options, and look at the “offset” bars; if you offset 10% or 20% to the left, the entire space scene will be off-center, and hopefully line up with your HUD. That way you gain more space on the right for the Overview and other windows.

EDIT: About your targets. The target reticule button moves them, but imagine that you have a rather large (and transparent) screen space for your targets. Even if your ship can only lock 5 targets, CCP has provided space for 540. If you could target 540 different ships, they would appear from right to left until the edge of the screen, then they wrap and continue to appear on the second row, third row, etc., until your whole screen is covered with target tiles.

Now, your ship can only lock 5 targets (6, 11, etc.), but CCP in their infinite wisdom has provided the option to drag these target tiles to anywhere within the large screen space that can accomodate 540. You can actually re-order your locked targets if you want, drag all the frigates to the left and all the battleships to the right. But they don’t stick; if you target new targets they’ll appear in the available “slots” at the top. But that’s why you could drag them.

Yes you can, but not ingame. Do some googling, its in there. Requires copying files and renaming them. I do recall on github there is a script that would do it for you.

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