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I am trying to get comfortable with an arrangement for the interface that suits my computer and the PvP I am hoping to learn. I have downloaded an overview pack which is helpful.

What I would like to do is set up the interface with the information windows (like the overview, chat, fleet broadcasts etc) in a way that makes best use of space. In my trials so far, that would mean the HUD at the bottom (as default) and the overview at the top rather than the right hand side, as there are columns there which are useful (velocity, transversal) but on the right, to see all these has the overview coming close to blocking the middle of the screen.

I’ve moved the windows about, but the problem is that the targets (the roundels that appear when you target something, with the guns/modules on them showing underneath) get hidden by the overview at the top. I read somewhere that you could drag them to a new location, which works only until the targets are destroyed, and then the new target appears behind the overview again.

Is there a way to fix the targets elsewhere, ie down near the HUD at the bottom?

I am grateful for any ideas, thank you.

Those can be moved by a small crosshair, by default on the top right of the first locked target, drag that around and you can right click it to arrange it vertically and stuff, where the crosshair stays the targets will start from there.

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Thank you. I found the crosshair (not easy!) and was able to arrange the targets as I like.

Your advice is much appreciated.

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For even more customization, if you hit ESC to access the EVE Control Panel, and look in the Graphics tab, you can “offset” the camera. That means, if the Overview takes up a big chunk of the right side of your screen, you can move your ship and the space scene a little bit to the left, so that it’s centered in the part of the screen that’s not covered by the Overview.

You can also center the round HUD at the bottom by just dragging it so it’s aligned with your ship. And you can center the floating combat messages by accessing the settings, either from the Combat Log app on the toolbar on the left, or from the Settings button on the round HUD.


I have no idea why I didn’t know about the offset feature, but thank you @Memphis_Baas .

Thanks, ISD Stall.

Tainui, it depends on what columns you choose for the Overview, but it shouldn’t reach all the way to the center of the screen on a wide screen monitor. You should look into narrowing the columns to just wide enough to display PVP info:

  • Name - player names are relatively short, station names are long, but for a PVP screen you don’t need to see the entire station name
  • Type - ship names are definitely short, except for a few “Navy Issue” types, again, you don’t need a wide column for this
  • Distance - keep in mind that the game will switch from m to km to AU, so you just need to be wide enough to display 10k or so
  • Velocity - you don’t really need to see the units (m/s)
  • Angular - first 4 decimals should be sufficient for most applications.
  • Tag - 3 characters typically

I would add that having a corporation or alliance tag column is quite useful as well. Especially if you’re going to low/null security space to live or engage in PVP.

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