Bring 3D View to Overview UI - Making Beautiful Visuals More Present in EVE

Hey all, as a new player I often search for EVE Online gameplay footage, and I’m always presented with the EVE Online zoomed out at max, wasting all the time and hardwork of the art team working so passionately on improving its visuals.

Then I came across this youtuber named “delonewolf”, he always plays at close view despite of the disavantage in lacking intelligence for a reason he states “To help new players see the beauty of EVE”. Players trying to admire the beauty of EVE shouldn’t be punished.

With that in mind, I wonder if it’s possible to implement a 3D overview so that we can look closer at our ship while not experiencing a disadvatage in gameplay? Similar to what No Man’s Sky, Elite Dangerous have?

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Could you at least post screenshots of what you are talking about, or is everyone expected to know or look it up themselves? I know, this is probably coming across as rude to you, but I believe it’s you who is rude for expecting us to look it up ourselves. I, for one, have no idea how the UIs of these games look like and as it is your thread, I believe you’re the one who should save us the time of looking it up ourselves.

Thank you for the advice, I’ll update the post in a moment!!

These are overview in Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and No Man’s Sky for those of you that don’t know:


They basically show EVE’s version of overview in 3D form, where you can get the target’s distance from your ship, as well as its position

EVE as a similar layout for solar map

Where you can see targets to warp to around you. I wonder if the same can be done for the overview UI?

Put 80 ships in that amount of space.
Have it as an option sure. It’s useless fast though.

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