How to make the target box smaller

The target circle blocking most of my view, can make it smaller without changing UI size? Im playing with my 15" lappy, word is too small to read…

Size wise I don’t think there’s anything you can do outside of UI scaling, which makes other bits indecipherable, but you can get them to tile vertically if that’s any help. IIRC it’s a right click option on the little cross-hair icon that allows you to move them around; I’ve had mine run down the side of the overview in the past.

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I did that but it will still pop in my screen center the next time again.

Your problem is, you’ve got the damn target boxes sitting right in the middle of your screen. Grab them and move them to the top.

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Plug into a TV or monitor, and your problem is solved.

I’m not saying the ability to scale them down is bad, I’d love to just reduce them to 3 horizontal bars (or even one delineated bar) and a name, but it’s a “now” solution.

Few tips: make chat box smaller vertically, both the area you write in and all of it. Also change local list to show only names, not avatars. compact list its called. Move chat box to lower left, and the drones window under the overview, and make drones window smaller vertically, so it shows max 5 drones and nothing else when you scroll thru it.
Move the targets boxes to the upper right.

Move the notifications icon to the bar at the left, use it like it would be an icon on the bar. Because it should have been there, I blame CCP. :psyccp:

Also where you have the object window with all the icons like warp and jump? I would add it back. to the upper right.

Also your overview is a mess, there should be only 4 things there. Object icon, distance, name, and speed. No type.

I like to add transversal to that list, but it of course depends on what you’re using. I don’t much care about transversal in my carrier, but it definitely matters in my dread.

OP should probably also turn on the “auto-hide” for the neocom. That’s valuable real estate there.

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