Is it just me, or are chat boxes now forcibly larger?

It seems like I can’t make chat boxes as small as I used to be able to. Why force larger chat boxes upon people? I could always have made them larger if I wanted to. Forcing a larger sized chat box on people doesn’t seem like something that needed to be done, and I don’t like it.

I looked through UI options in settings, I didn’t change anything before today… but I wonder, is it only me? Or is this some new feature or bug CCP introduced in the last patch or so?

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A result of the new change to make more text visible by default. Not being able to shrink it was probably an unintended consequence.

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“Expanded the Chat Window so that you can see many more messages by default”

Text about it in the November patch notes under User Interface changes. 1st paragraph, 4th bullet point down.

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Appears that few people read either the patch notes or feedback before complaining…but, these are the official EVE forums, so…:wink:

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Well at least that explains why I was looking at my layout last night and thinking, “what the hell have I done to make my boxes overlap my icons, and I can’t make them smaller, arrrghhhh what have I done”

Good to know it was not me.


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