Fix Chat Transparency: how? when?

Hi, does anyone know wether CCP will move their ass and fix this stupid forced transparency of the chat window?

If not, does anyone have a manual fix?



I am aware of that, but the Chat windows stay transparent.

Lay 2 over each other and see for yourself.

Un pin it and no longer transparent

On my end it works this way but it’s basically a damn band aid I also use the theme that makes the windows black 0 transparency

They could at least make pining a window not make it ■■■■■■■ transparent but I hear in Iceland it’s cold enough to suffer permanent brain damage


Thanks man!

Ya, it’s weird, but I’m happy that there is a solution.

How to get blurr like before?

Increase alcohol consumption.



Spirits doesnt have any effect on my capsuleer perception implants.

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