Windows in game opacity change

Hey CCP, you remember when we used to have the PIN option, and when press, the window was slightly more dark and transparent. Probably to acknowledge that the pin option is on.

Can we have the same with LOCK WINDOW… right now the opacity / color doesnt change and the windows are less transparent. Also another behavior… some of my old windows remain on the old PIN option color/transparent setting and some are not.

I took a picture of my UI so you guys can see what it does; Imgur: The magic of the Internet

You have to turn on transparency yourself.

here is what I have done to make my windows as opaque as possible:

  1. Set transparency slider in settings to 0
  2. Disable Light Background by right clicking on all your chat windows etc.
  3. Enable motion blur (this doesn’t change the transparency but it does seem to make the background less intrusive)
  4. Reduce window brightness.
  5. Now, this is possibly not going to work for you but for some reason turning my graphics settings from High to Medium for some reason made my windows more opaque.

My windows are about 2% transparent now instead of 40% so hopefully it helps you.

That’s a nice workaround but it’s a shame we can’t have 100% opaque windows. I never understood the appeal of transparent windows. Why would you want to make the text less readable? CCP needs to fix this the way it used to be so we can have totally opaque windows

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