Changes to vertical target-arrangement

I d love to arrange the targets on my screen vertically( and I know how to set that, inbefore someone thinks that d be the issue :wink: ).

The vertical supremacy has an issue though: Even in vertical setting the text( targets name) and symbols( active modules and drones on that target) appear underneath each icon and therefore taking away precious “height”. Leading to me personally being able to have only about 5-6 targets visible in one column vertically, whereas I can comfortably see 10 upward targets arranged horizontally. Plus if there is so many effects on a target, that a second row of symbols comes up its starting to become really wonky.

Can we get an option to have target-text and symbols beside the target-symbol instead of underneath it? ( I would personally even say make that default for vertical target-settup, cause I see no value in NOT having that in that case, but, hey vOv )

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Post it here, too:

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