UI Blocks Target Information


When targeting many… targets, the informational box covers up information such as what modules are active on that target. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to move the box.

It would be great if the box were movable, or at the minimum moved down how ever far enough to not hide the active module icons.

You can move both the info-box and the list of targets.

For the Target List, there is a small round anchoring icon attached left-low or right low (depending on your current settings) to the last targeted ship. Click and hold and you can move the row of all locked targets around.

For the info box, you can enter “Combat Message Movement Mode” if you open the combat log and then click on the three dots. You can then freely move around all combat messages and info boxes.

There’re also the 3 lines at the bottom right of the HUD, where you click on “Enter Moving Mode for Messages” to be able to move this and the other notification scroll box around.

Just don’t be alarmed if you see the boxes at weird locations. CCP broke them a long time ago and never bothered to fix them. My damage scroll box is in the center bottom of the screen but in reality I moved it to the left side of the screen a long time ago. Or the box that you show in your screenshot is smashed right at the very top edge of the screen in Moving Mode but the actual box is above the HUD. Thanks to this inconsistency, it may require a bit of trial and error to figure out the correct positioning.

Awesome, thank you guys. Happy to be proven wrong!

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