Is it possible to rebind the left mouse button?

I have a problem where it’s painful to click the mouse button on my right hand.

I have fixed the issue by binding the left mouse button to left ALT on my keyboard in other games.

Is it possible to do this in Eve Online somehow?

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I don’t think you can do that with the client but you could probably use an external program to do so. I’d contact support first to make sure it’s OK but IIRC as long as one keypress in results in one keypress out you don’t fall afoul of input broadcasting rules.

An alternative would be a lefthanded mouse. The Ducky Feather mouse I have can simply be switched over to either hand (no driver software, as usual with Ducky hardware). They’re not cheap, but well worth it (my first lasted longer than any other mouse I ever owned in 3 decades. The first one lasted 6 years).

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