Mouse malfunctioning

Ive been having issues for about a week or so. The mouse wont highlight the items i want. Or while dragging it will randomly drop the items. Ill go to drag something and all of a sudden im looking at the info of that item.
Ive tried mouse fixes on my computer but it only really seems to happen while playing Eve. Guess i can try to uninstall and reinstall next…

Lets make a few guesses:

  • It’s a relatively new mouse
  • it’s a Logitech G mouse

Even if it isn’t a Logi, newer gaming mice have issues due to their design and how they didn’t adapt them to modern changes. When USB lowered voltage from 5V to 3V they never changed the electronics in the mouse (not even for new ones) and THEN they added on more “gaming” stuff like higher poll rates, more buttons and in some cases even lights. This causes the switches to fail relatively quickly and in predictable ways where it starts to double click even though it doesn’t sound like it does.


  • lower polling rate and hope that it goes away (for a bit)
  • get a mouse with optical switches

See if you can slam it down on the desktop to remove the dustbunny

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Its not the mouse. Ive tried different mouse but same problem.

Thanks for the troubleshoot. I saw a related post that suggested opening device manager.
Then adapter.
Uninstall driver (but not deleting software) then restarting computer. That seems to have helped.
The mouse is responding better in game. Hopefully that was it.

All good I just like to blame the dustbunny.

I would even blame dustbunny’s for the servers being down today!

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