Arbora Nova - New Home - Null Sec

Are you tired of the dramas, the breakup? No one deals with you?
Want to learn EvE and no one is there for you?
You have a good chance to find friends, people that will teach you
and learn the game with them. Come along because EvE is a game of friends.

YOU and ABNA: We (The Corp) will do the best we can to help guide you and get you settled into your new home. We want you to become ISK sufficient as well as help you reach your goals. We can offer knowledge and advice to help you complete those goals. We will offer help in obtaining ships for mining, missioning, exploration and various other isk making endevors.

Null Sec Based, Good mix of PvE (with an indy department consisting of Mining and Building Everything from frigs to Titans) and PvP (small and large scale warfare).

Φιλικό και για Έλληνες Παιχτες, παλιους και νέους

1)Buyback programs
2)Corp OPs for all players and playstyles
3)Solid and not pushy New bro guidance
4)Fleet operations for all styles
5)Smaller corp but active across all TZs

Join [ABNA.] Recruit or contact me in-game for questions

Honor and Serve

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