Arbora Nova, The New Home Project

Want to learn EvE and no one is there for you?

You have a good chance to find friends, people that will teach you and learn the game with them. Come along because EvE is a game of friends.

We are the corporation to help you feel the family like enviroment you NEED in order to face the steep learning curve of EvE: Online

Arbora Nova is recruiting players who want to learn and play the game in a way that noone will push them around, Arbora Nova currently is located at Null Sec part of a newly formed alliance and looking into claiming areas at Null Sec. If you are interested in all of that, feel free to contact us here Discord Link and in our in game Channel [ABNA.] Recruit

New Bro Submission Form

Multinational, we would take all players who are interested in a fresh start of the game

Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Rookie, Vet, all accepted and appreciated.

With us you can find,

1)Buyback programs
2)Corp OPs for all players and playstyles
3)Solid and not pushy New bro guidance
4)Fleet operations for all styles
5)Null Sec home
6)Infrastructure for your needs

Honor and Serve

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