[ARC] Joined operation request to the Empires, EDENCOM and loyal capsuleers

Not after they were more or less told they would be shot on sight? You’d not expect anyone to go into such a situation unarmed.

EDIT: except, apparently, they did. I am not sure I even want to know why.

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We have prisoners and they shall reveal the truth upon interogation and proving.

This is no evacuation.

You will reap what you sow…

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It is being said that the forces discovered aboard these industrials are a plant by those not even involved with Kybernaut forces, as sabotage for chaos’s sake; truth be told, I am not certain that this could not be the truth. Investigations will soon be underway.

All that said, these warriors will be given the chance to assent to the Flow in enjoinment with Clade Perun. All are welcome in the Flow.


This is the Mahazkei, Field Commander of the AMCC Block “Steel Coyote”, I speak with the consent of the people of the forsaken world of Skarkon.

Those among me who I have visited in my time here have made the cognizant choice to leave this world, provided as many possible results as to what may occur should they choose to follow through, and have remained steadfast in their decision to remain with us.

Your Aspirant Narodnya have questioned your logic, and have chosen to challenge it in a proving of possession. I, as their representative, and manifestation of their will, respond in kind to that challenge.

I act in singularity in accordance with my madness of will. I extend this challenge on behalf of the people I have sworn to take.

Whether you respond to this challenge is irrelevant to me, for they are taken, and unless you wish to take them from me, they are not yours. Nor anyone else’s.

After the threats given, this is just smart. They’re going to be attacked. They need security.

This perfidy was predicted by the Convocation. It is no surprise that capsuleer organizations bent on achieving forbidden power promote terrorism and war against the Aspirant Narodnya.

The Clades have shown great forebearance during the Weaving of Pochven. Hunting in the Forest of Glorification has been restrained so far.

I give fair warning. If the Clades are roused to hunting on the worlds of the Forest the blame will lie with those who intruded on the soil of the Krais.

Subcommander Seriatim Foucault


Doesn’t look like a plant to me, looks more like individuals decided to bring their own handful of units along to protect and assist in an evacuation effort in hostile occupied territory, or individuals with a grudge trying to sneak in a token force for retribution under the commander’s nose, or who the hell can tell, but a force sufficient for an actual invasion it absolutely is not. Anyone trying to claim a few thousand marines are a legitimate invasion force for a planet, let alone a region, are deluding themselves or twisting the situation for propaganda efforts in a furious tidal wave of hurf and blurf.


Not all of them.

Because your people are totally the victims all along, right?

Excuse me, but you pretty much told them they’d be shot on sight. Any sensible person at that point would be waking up their marine contingent from their well-earned sleep and telling them there’s been a slight change in plans regarding the peacefulness of this search and rescue.

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Well, well, well.


Glory to Seriatum Foucault.
Glory to Zorya.
Glory to Triglav.


“If you try to do anything about the people we abducted and the stars we stole, we’ll ■■■■■■■ do it again.”

Anyone who doesn’t expect your Triglavian overlords to continue abducting and killing more people when they can again is crazy. Nobody sane will give into your threats. The only thing you’ve proved is your own rotten intentions.


Forest for the trees. I don’t see you down here. If you don’t disagree, stay out of my path.

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Yea, well, considering the field lab got antimattered a bit and I’m no groundpounder warrior, no, you don’t and you won’t. Pretty sure you have seen some STRA though, and Stormwind with them.


I hate to interject but the mood at the Warden Ascension Ceremony barbeque would be brought down quite a bit at the news of another follow-on invasion triggered over verbal potshots and unproven intelligence. I’d advise against stirring the pot. Now, another tequila shot.


I have recovered all Marines remaining aboard the industrial ship intercepted at Otela I, as well as their landing craft, weapons, and drones. All who survived the event and all have been disarmed, and are being transported to a secure location.

Following debriefing, all will be given the opportunity to assent to the Flow of Vyraj; service to Clade Perun would serve their tenacity well, granted that these presumed hired arms are not as zealous as the organized forces opposing the Triglavian Collective.

I look forward to determining the truth of the matter - and the goals of pilot Zoe Anneto in bringing these souls to Pochven.

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I think it’s going to take a few more!

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As Special Investigations Detective for The Wormhole Police, I was involved in the destruction of the tayra carrying the large quantities of small arms, personnel and other illicit materials. While usually our jurisdiction begins and ends in the Sacred domain of Anoikis, I have recently taken an interest in covertly surveilling the region of Pochven in the interests of protecting wormhole space, as triglavians frequently invade upon it from wormholes leading to pochven.

For those saying we are out of our jurisdiction, we at the wormhole police will do all that is necessary to perform our job, whether inside or outside wormhole space. The operation undertaken by ARC was closely monitored, and when the tayra was spotted and the advanced scanners on my ship detected the armed forces aboard I decided to engage and destroy the vessel as ARC had indisputably committed numerous warcrimes with this operation.
Warcrimes will be punished in all regions of space, as the ancient laws of Te-Xas that we uphold dictate.
No-one is exempt from the law.

MCLK Ruubz Raubzen,
The Wormhole Police


Just when you thought we’d already heard from all the crazies in the cluster…


Well, this is a ■■■■■■■■■■■. I’m just going to go back to my usual operations and visiting my clients in the Krais and other places. Also, @Galm_Eskola-Fae , hold on the tequila, I’m bringing something a bit better.