ARCA Horizons is recruiting players or small corporations ! [EUTZ]

Greetings capsuleers,

ARCA Horizons is a new corporation formed by a few veteran null sec players.

Our goal is to develop ourselves with resources and PVP ships, start roaming nullsec, populate the systems we have and to have a stable user base in prime time. We mainly need EUTZ people to join (GMT+1/2/3) but we are not limited to this

What we offer:

  • Alpha player friendly. We also offer focused skill plans for up to 90 days (this goes also for newbros, not limited to alpha only) which will let you fly the most doctrine ships and PVP fits. On top of that we also have specialized skill plans for different roles : JF pilot, covert pilot, cap/fax pilot, carrier, etc.
  • Upgraded systems for your ratting pleasure and also mining pleasure.
  • Ice systems where you can get Helium isotops and other goodies for fuel making.
  • Good PI planets
  • ADMs at 6x in most systems
  • Lots of free systems where you can settle with your small corp (yes, our alliance is recruiting)
  • We are based in Querious,very close to lowsec systems
  • Citadels in almost every populated system, for up to capital docking
  • Engineering structures where you can build up to capital ships.
  • Rorqual mining boosts when scheduled, if not , some players provide Orca boosts also.
  • SRP for alliance CTAs
  • Buyback for all your mined ore and ice
  • JF services
  • Small PVP fleet gans / roams with junior FCs and experimented FCs
  • Large scale PvP with our neighbors when we have unwelcome guests in big numbers
  • Management roles available, if you prove yourself worthy over time. (also we are looking for FCs!)
  • Jump bridge network , it is not so developed but we are working on it.
  • multinational and multicultural people, from US to Eastern Europe and even Middle East.
  • We are not renters !

What we require:

  • All of us have RL jobs and families, so this comes first. If you plan to stay out of game longer, just let us know. We won’t kick you out.
  • No minimum SP required but you should be able to fly something and play solo if needed, not to spin the capsule in station :slight_smile:
  • Players who are willing to PVP when situation needs it.
  • Mature attitude and no drama please.
  • Players who can use Corp/Alliance doctrine (we will let you know)
  • Alpha accounts are welcome (we provide welcome pack with T1 cruisers for you to start your thing, we want to give a chance to newbros to make their own ISK in nullsec
  • Discord presence because this is what we use for comms and chat
  • TS3 is used for alliance operations
  • One NPC corp alt is useful, as we have some wars.

Also we want to boost our roster with small corporations:

  • industrialists welcome, as long as you build some ships for us and alliance
  • mining corps are welcome
  • mostly we need pvp focused small corps.

For more information:

  • Join “ARCA Horizons” channel in-game without the quotes
  • Message me in game or on forums (Digital Messiah)
  • Message JAYB2 in game
  • go to our discord channel here

Looking for ALL players, you are welcome !

we need some more miners/industrialists due to the fact we want to build more capitals and do moon mining ops

Still recruiting all players and all corps. We have some empty systems which need to be populated! Few jumps away from lowsec, in cyno range, so everything is possible !

Join us and start making isk:)

we have 2 weeks skillplan program wich will make you earn 120 mil/hour:)


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