Archaic Rage - Your Mom Likes Us!

We are back and looking for new pilots to join our team! We were originally formed in 2007 as a tight-knit group of like-minded pilots. We recently moved back to Syndicate with minimal blues and we’re having a blast! We have also joined a new Alliance with so many new PVP opportunities.

Are you interested in Small gangs, Blops, Solo, Gate Camping, or Big Fleets?
Our Killboard

We are mainly US TZ and are new player-friendly (alpha accounts accepted). We have pilots with decades of experience to help you with any aspect of Eve Online. Even if you want to mine, rat, build, or spin, we can help you get the most out of Eve.

About us
Fun friendly environment
We know Real Life™ comes first
Knowledgeable veterans

What we need from you:
Be mature
ESI Auth
Be on comms in fleets with a working mic
Be there for corp mates when they need you

Want to be a part of something like that?
Join our Discord or the in-game public channel “Rage Therapy” today!

Looking for some good peeps to shoot up stuff or just chill with in 0.0, Low Sec, or even a bit of high sec from time to time.

Drop by our discord or in-game and chat with us to see what you think!


If you are interested in Industry, we are building lots of ships and components too! Do you have aspirations to become an Industry tycoon? We can help with that and maybe you’ll become our next Industry Leader!

Stop by and have a chat with us!

Bump! just met these guys and can confirm they are an awesome corp very friendly and very helpful. bunch of chill guys and would love to have more folk who are the same if you like pvp,industry,or pve content they are the place for you! drama free!

You’re not just a number here. We do not tolerate toxic players, so we’ve created a great core group that wants to have fun and help each other. Join us today!

Like roleplaying a hobo or pirate? this is the place for you!

Have you won Eve 10 times over already? Looking for a place you can help new players with your experience? Maybe you just want to reminisce about how we use to have to web freighters through null sec in huge fleets to actually move anything? Gated them uphill both ways? Check us out!

Lots of PVP and fun! Lets GO!

We are getting so much content right now! Whether you want to PVP or do Industry stuff, come check us out!