Archaic Rage Recruitment

We are reforming our old corp and looking to build back up and have some fun along with teaching some new players.

If you are looking to learn PVP, Industry, or PVE we can help lead you in the right direction. We can help with level 4 missions, mining, heck you name it we have done it. If you want to make the jump right out to null sec we can help with that too.

We have played since the early days of the game and can help teach you and enjoy this game we all play, Hell you can maybe be our teacher in some things. Below is the normal Blah Blah Blah part :wink:

Archaic Rage was formed in 2007 by a group of close friends. As individuals, we’ve been part of large alliances, small and large corporations and have gone solo many times over the past two decades. Friends have come and gone from the corporation as well as ≡√≡. Many we still keep in touch with even though they’ve moved on.

We are like a family. Whether you’re a newbro, an old veteran, playing since 2003 or just coming back from a break. We encourage, foster and support all game styles. Want to do industry or mission in high sec? Factional warfare or want create some Havoc? Null sec roams and Pirating. Exporation or Market Trading. We’ve done it all!

About us
Fun friendly environment
We know Real Life™ comes first
Knowledgable veterans
High Sec/Low Sec/Null Sec. We work in all spaces and have a home out in 0.0 because its fun :wink:

What we need from you:

Be mature
Be on comms in fleets with a working mic
Be there for corp mates when they need you

Want to be apart of something like that?
We are always looking for new friends to be a part of Archaic Rage. Drop by Rage Therapy ingame and lets chat!

Recruitment still open!

Recruitment still open!

Recruitment is open! Come join us!

Still looking for new recruits! Come have a chat.

Still looking for new recruits! Drop on in.

Whether you want to pvp in null/low sec or mine and run missions in high sec. We do it all! Check us out!

With the holidays and Vaca out of the way, we are back to recruiting. Best way to catch us is on Discord. Eve is a game and thats the way we treat it.

We are also part of the Expanse out in Syndicate with all kinds of opportunities in Null Sec if thats your cup of tea.

Hit us up on Discord.

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