Are you a new Pilot in EVE and aspiring Caldari mission runner?! Read on

I’m currently working to increase the Caldari Navy standings on a new pilot I have - Shigaras Kado.

He’s in a fleet with a more experienced Pilot; Akira Margolis, who is running Caldari Navy security (kill) missions. When she completes a mission she shares the ISK and Standings (corporation standings) with Shigaras to boost his standings (and hers.)

I’m willing to work with 1-3 new players interested in running Caldari Navy missions, and willing to fun ships, equipment etc to give you a solid chance at completing the missions successfully and will reward you with ISK (a fair payment for your efforts) as Shigaras standings increase.

Either EVE Mail me with your details, or set up a Conversation with either Akira Margolis or Shigaras Kado to get involved.


p.s. hope this helps someone/couple of new pilots get a head-start and some seed ISK/ships.

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