24 mill sp mission runner looking for LGTB friendly high sec corp

Hi there. I mostly run level 4 missions and am looking for a corp that has mission runners. Occasionally I like to go to low sec and pvp some. I am gallente and cannot go to Amarr space atm but am working on my standing with Amarr. Looking for corp near Dodixie and preferably a non war eligible corp. I primarily fly Caldari ships and use missiles. Occasionally I like to pvp in roam fleets but am new to pvp. I like to help out other corp members with missions and like running together for missions as well mostly level 4 missions. I have been playing Eve Online since 2010 off and on but lately have decided to stay and keep active omega pilot status for the long haul. As I have been on and off in Eve, I am a noob to a lot of things in the game besides missions and want to learn more about Incursions, Abyssals, pvp, etc.
Thanks for your time


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