Are you ready for null Sec?

I have written these recruiting things 100’s if not 1,000’s of times over the last 14 years I have played this game.
They all sound like CRAP!
So rather than blow smoke…here it is.

We belong to an alliance That resides in Null Sec.

We have been friends with the core members of this alliance, Intrepid Crossing for more than 10 years.
Fourteen of our 15 members have been playing since 2010, 3 of them since 2006.

We don’t have alot to offer you in the way of amenities if you join us but we do have a wealth of knowledge that could literally make you billions a month if you were to heed our teachings.
i.e. One member makes 2.6 billion isk a month just producing Fuel blocks and another makes 9 bil isk a month making consumables such as ammo and nanite paste…etc…etc
(But thru the alliance, we have every type of facility available in the game as well as the proper riggings to maximize production savings. Our Super Cap build center is amazing!) :grinning:

What we CAN offer you is a place to learn and grow in Null Sec. How to mine in hostile environments, small to med gang PVP, Exploration, Industry. Between my XO and myself we have all but the Super BPO’s.

Most importantly a group of people who aren’t full of drama and marching orders!

Join our public channel NGA4L Public (Say Hi so it flashes,)

We are still open for recruitment.

We are still open for recruitment.

149 views and 3 new pilots still looking for more.

Still hiring

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