Ares - Knight Errant new combat corp lf pvp'rs

Ares is in phase one of a long term plan of expansion in deployment and resource utilization capabilities and holding our own systems in W-Space. We are entering the Caldari Militia and will be seeking pilots specifically for t1 frigate/destroyer gangs to get started. As we are newly formed, leadership has open positions, in specific we are recruiting FC’s, US and EU TZ Operations Officers, recruitment officers and for combat pilots of varying focus.

We are a easygoing down to earth sort of group. No politics, or drama, just autocannons and cynos. We want similarly minded people with a taste for the insane and the blood of our enemies (ie: everyone not blue).

In phase one we are aiming for the following:
Objective: 6 months

  • membership up to 50+ members in corp
  • SRP for fw fleet operations and BLOPs bombers/BS/T3Cs
  • consistent presence during the US tz
  • several experienced FCs and other corp officers to facilitate efficiency in both PvP and PvE operations.
  • C3 wormhole with a Null Static for conducting BLOPs operations in future.
    — this involves setting up several stations and establishing control of the system consistently
    — this also requires active Prober/Mapper pilots
  • Blue status w/several minor 0.0 entities for getting in on larger fleet ops when opportunity arises

What we are looking for:
– ability to fly stratios and/or bomber w/bombs
– active pilots
– Working Mic and headset/speakers
– Urge to harvest the tears of others.
– Pilots interested in both Faction Warfare , Black Ops bomber fleets and WH small-med gang pvp.
– 6 mil sp+ main in addition to fly stratios/bomber

If you are interested feel free to contact Menenhet Neteru for more information.

Ares - Command

ps: no unsolicited applications with be considered.

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