Argentina 2022 Champions!

¡Viva Argentina!

Argentina! My team! Just won the World Cup!!! ¡Viva Argentina! ¡Viva Argentina! ¡Viva Argentina!
Bravo Messi! Bravo Di María! Bravo Emiliano Martínez! Bravo team!!!


Does that settle the Messi vs. Ronaldo debate once and for all? :thinking:

There was never any debate. Messi was and always shall be the GOAT!

How many times has Argentina won the Cup now?
Congratulations to the team :smiley:

And they won it in a shootout. I like it

Two times! 1986 with Maradona and 2022 with Messi.

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and 1978

So three times in recent memory. Good sportsmen :+1:

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