Armaggedon Inc. is recruiting!

Armaggedon Inc is recruiting pilots to join our ranks. We are living in low-sec so PvP is a daily activity. We are looking for pilots who wish to live in low-sec and eventually move to null-sec in time. We are part of Stay Feral alliance.

What we offer:

  1. Alliance warfare.
  2. Gate camps / Roaming. <— In low-sec and null-sec, ofcourse.
  3. Specific doctrine when it comes to ships we use for activities.
  4. Buyback programme.
  5. SRP when ship lost in corporation activity.
  6. Mining/Industry through structures.

What we look for:

  1. Combat Pilots & Industrialists
  2. 5 000 000 minimum skillpoints or have skills to fly amarr cruisers/bc/bs and lasers.
  3. US/EU/AUS timezone
  4. Pilots need to be active. We prefer pilots who are active atleast weekly and can join our operations/roams/wars.
  5. Good manners and a respectful behaviour. This one is obvious but I’ll put it on the list anyway.
  6. Discord! This is a must, since all our comms are through discord.

Contact me, Malrow Malcoda or Admiral Spyro in-game for more information or reply to this thread if you got any questions.