Infernal Armada is Recruiting Combat Pilots (all TZs) for Sov 0.0 PVP/Ratting/Industry

Infernal Armada is recruiting combat-focused pilots seeking space violence. We are a proud member of TEST Alliance, Please Ignore and the Legacy Coalition. We are a mature, drama-free community invested in each other’s mutual success. We like blowing stuff up, making ISK, and sharing a good laugh in comms.

With more than 20 years of collective experience, Infernal Armada officers have a lot to offer both new and old players alike. Infernal Armada helps develop players of all experience levels and interests provided their willingness to form in fleets to advance the strategic interests of the TEST alliance. Pilots with good attitudes that work well in a team will find a home here, regardless of PVP experience or skill.

What We Offer

  • Access to endless large-engagement alliance PVP
  • Corp and alliance fun fleets & suicide roams
  • Access to alliance & corp logistics services
  • Access to well-developed null-sec markets
  • Fun, low hassle, drama-free culture
  • New-player friendly
  • Real-life-comes-first perspective
  • ​Deliciously dank memes
  • Endless ISK earning opportunities to fund your habits
  • Boosted corporate & alliance mining ops
  • ​"Pot luck" mining ops to maintain doctrine hulls
  • Endless moon mining
  • Extensive buyback programs
  • Max bonus EC industrial infrastructure
  • ​Capital hull production/profit sharing opportunities
  • Truesec ratting
  • Contests, incentives, & other competitions
  • An international community from all timezones

What We Require

  • Full API with application (no expiry)
  • ​Ability to use Discord, Mumble, and Jabber
  • Omega clone status
  • A team-focused perspective
  • Ability to train alliance doctrine fits
  • Desire to actively participate in alliance fleets
  • ​Drama-free attitude

For more information, to submit your application, or to join us in Discord, please visit our website at

To speak with a recruiter, contact Caurannus Decks or Francis Naskingar in game.

With access to over 200+ moons, the lights are always on at the Krab Shack between fleets.

Still recruiting

Free doctrine ships and skill plans and no pap requirements? That sounds easy

Still recruiting

Getting some good responses, hoping for a few more

Still recruiting FAX pilots. Corp supplied shield FAX’s to newbros looking to take their logi to the next level.

Keepstars, Tataras, fun fleets, oh my!

Picked up some cool dudes that like to shoot stuff this week. Here’s to finding a few more.

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