Join Our Family: Infernal Armada is Recruiting New and Returning Players (AU/EU/USTZs) for Sov 0.0 PVP

Infernal Armada [R.MDA] is recruiting new and returning combat-focused players and industrialists, as well as veterans that enjoy working as a team, to join the Infernal Armada family. We are a PVP corporation focused on the new and returning player experience in nullsec and those veterans with something to teach. Industrialists with combat experience or are willing to earn some are encouraged to apply.

We are a proud member of the Warped Intentions Alliance and the Legacy Coalition. Our corp culture is that of a real-life-comes-first, drama-free community invested in each other’s mutual success. We like blowing stuff up, making ISK, telling dad jokes, and sharing dank memes. Pilots with good attitudes that work well in a team will feel at home here, regardless of PVP experience or skill. We are very active in AU and EUTZ; obnoxiously active during USTZ.

When you’re Infernal, you’re family

What We Offer

  • Tailored training plans

  • Free ships for fleets for new players

  • Access to endless large-engagement Alliance and Coalition PVP

  • Corp and alliance fun fleets & suicide roams

  • Alliance & corp logistics services

  • Well-developed markets, but tons of seeding opportunities

  • Fun, low hassle, drama-free culture

  • New-player friendly

  • Real-life-comes-first perspective

  • Corp & alliance mining ops

  • Moon mining

  • Extensive buyback programs

  • Comprehensive industrial infrastructure

  • Fleet activity incentives

  • An international community from all time zones

What We Require

  • Full ESI background check

  • ​Active on Discord and Mumble

  • Omega clone status

  • A team-focused perspective

  • Ability to train alliance doctrine fits

  • Desire and ability to actively participate in alliance fleets

  • ​Drama-free attitude

For more information, to submit your application, or to join us in Discord, please visit our website at

To speak with a recruiter, contact Bastion Ituin or Caurannus Decks (USTZ), or Kurokuma Inkura (AUTZ).

Saving newbros from highsec since 2015!

These moons aren’t going to mine themselves. Industrialists encouraged to apply.

Still looking for new and returning players, as well as vets that enjoy teaching.

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