Art for ISK

Hey all, I’m setting up services for those who wish a drawing of your favorite ship or character. My style is styled semi-realism. Pls eve mail me if you’re interested. I am open to haggle but nothing low. Here are my rates,

Busts with final sketch and pencil line work will be 300mil

Full body portraits will be 500mil with final pencil line work

Ships will be same price as full body

Pen will be 500mil to 1bil depending on type

Color will be another few bil.

Thank you all in advanced.

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Pro-tip: Portfolios work better than text.


Are you on FA?

What is FA?

If you have to ask, you dont know

I think you answered yourself.

Very well. Send me 500 million and you may draw my portrait.

In that I dont know, which is why I asked?

I am a freelance artist. I was gonna put my portfolio in here once I got home

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Moved this to the correct section.

Fly safe o/

ISD Bahamut

Portfolio please.

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