Art of Explosions - PEWnJ3W [WH CREW]

C6 with static C5 wormhole PvP corporation

NEW! PROMO (12.03.2017) ( AoE Youtube Channel )

A laid back group of pilots who like to shoot people in the face and print ISK in the meanwhile.
We have history and experience in w-space and we all enjoy the harsh environment and daily changing opportunities it provides.
Our primary content is PvP in any shape or form, but have no fear You will find ISK in the chain aswell.

Chilled atmosphere. PEW. ISK. Deep Chains. Null/Low roams. T3/Capital fights. Pve to fund our endavors. And even more PEWnJ3W!

AoE is looking for:

All players looking for WH space to call their home.
young & old ( as long as you are mature. )
FC’s and Meatshields :smiley:

  • 15m+ Skillpoints.
  • T3 flown for PVP.
  • T2 Cruiser or Command ship.
  • Armor & Shield skills.
  • Ability to also create your own solo content.
  • *Alt account is BONUS.
    IE: Scan/Dessie/Logi/Inty/Capital/Boosting Skills.

Talented New Bros welcome if they don’t meet the ‘Must Haves’

What you can expect:
  • A community willing and able to engage in content all over w-space, low sec and null sec.
  • Primarily EUTZ with ambitions and willingness to grow into AUTZ/USTZ.
  • Alliance with access to vast networks for content.
  • Professional doctrines.
  • Experienced and supportive core members willing and able to help you continue to grow in your aspirations.
  • Great battles, including capitals, with tons of ISK exploding.
  • 10% corporation tax.
What we offer:
  • Rewarding Scout / FC PvP loot distribution.
  • A place in our tight-knit community with great lady and lads to call space bros.
  • Guidance and help for young pilots or inexperienced wormholers.
  • Excellent mapping tool and intuitive bookmark system.
  • Ship Replacement Program for key doctrines.
  • Active and stable coms and other OOG communication for pings and banter.
  • Industry and Production facilities.
What we expect of you:
  • Willingness to Scan and have the req skills for it.
  • To prioritize PvP above PvE.
  • Working microphone and the ability to speak and understand English.
  • Relaxed and mature attitude.
  • PvP Experience and a willingness to engage in combat on a regular basis.
  • Being proactive, seeking for content and active scouting/scanning.

If you want to find out more, join us in our ingame channel and have a chat with us, or contact one of our recruiters directly!

Public channel: Art Of Explosions

  • Timothyr Black
  • Death
  • Mao
  • RazerKill
  • Trakannon

My own ( Timothyr Black ) Youtube Channel. (Contains more AoE related video’s)

Also check our Killboard to see how green or red it currently is ( new users on this forum can only post 2 links :confused: )

bump, still recruiting.


Still recruiting :wink:

Fly with us and see with drones mining battleships!!

Still recruiting :wink: