--== Activations ==-- WH PVP corp [USTZ] (C6->C2)

Activations is a small gang wormhole corp living in high class space looking to grow it’s numbers. We are a small group of experienced pilots looking for new or old members to teach and have fun with. We roam in all spaces but prefer to hunt wh space above all else.

We are looking for Omega players in the US time zone. We play mostly from 9pm -1am (EST).

We are looking for a few more players so we can give good fights to some bigger groups.

We have been playing eve and living in wormholes for over 10 years.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Orunis Sobek or Janissik in-game.

*We are a small relax group of adults with busy lives just looking to have fun.

-Teamspeak for coms
-Pathfinder for wh mapping
-discord channel

***There are plenty of opportunities to make isk in our hole. We have citadels for indy stuff as well.


Still looking for more players :slight_smile:

Hoping to fly with you soon!

We have more vacancies!

We still have some openings, looking for a few more pilots.

Join us, there’s still more openings. Slowly growing our numbers.

Public roam tonight, staging at 9:30 EST in Amarr. Still recruiting!

Bump. Still looking for more pilots. We have a good bunch so far and last friday’s roam was a success and loads of fun. Come join-us!

Join our growing numbers and come fly with us today!!!

Still looking for more recruits. We roam tonight from 9:30 EST until 1am EST, come fly with us!

Bump! Taking fights but still need more peeps for bigger fights. Come join us.

Open wormhole roam tonight starting at 9:30 EST. Contact me in-game if you want to join in! New bros welcome

Public WH roam again tonight 9:30 EST. We had a nice fleet of 17+ pilots last friday. Come fly with us and get to know us. We were formerly known as “Wormhole PVP Channel” in-game and we bring content to the WH community.

Open for recruitment still

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