WOKE - WH (C6:C5) Small Gang PvP Corp is Recruiting a Small Number of Pilots in USTZ

Critical Space Theory (WOKE) is looking for a few pilots to add to our roster of experienced WH vets. If you enjoy (or think you would enjoy) a corp culture that includes: always taking the bait, punching above our size, a friendly no drama environment, and an attitude that prioritizes fun per hour, this might be the right spot for you.

We are willing to help someone with almost zero WH experience if they possess the right attitude and drive, but of course WH bittervets are welcome. Almost all of us are veterans of some of the larger WH corps in EVE’s history and prefer the small gang setting that we have now (even if that is a small gang of Vargur’s).

What we bring to the table:

  • Active in USTZ to Late USTZ. We have some West Coast members and this turns out to be a great time for hunting in NS
  • Varied content including: ganking miners in NS, WH fights, ESS raiding, small evictions, you name it we will do it.
  • “Leadership” is kind of funny in WOKE, we are all leaders to some extent, and anyone is welcome to take out a fleet or lead anything. Lots of experience in the corp.
  • C6 - some of the most lucrative PvE content in the game
  • Scouts keep 100% of the loot of content that they find.
  • Discord for comms and Tripwire for mapping.
  • An extremely open and non-hostile atmosphere
  • Current ZKill rank of 276 with 83 toons in corp.

What is expected:

  • Omega Account
  • A positive attitude, no drama.
  • A willingness to learn if not a WH vet
  • Ability to laugh off a 2 Bill Tengu loss and not rage about it.
  • Willingness to be in the chain scanning.

While we are not large, we consistently punch above our weight and we are not looking to grow into a large WH corp. Most of us are older, have kids and jobs that place demands on our time, as such we completely understand that IRL comes first and there is no “mandatory” anything, ever. We are really just looking for a few more folks. Please drop into our Discord Server and say hi to see if this makes sense for you.

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