Artillery lacking in lv4

Just came back from a several year absence and I’m doing lv4s. 50+ mil sp specialized in sub bs ships till recently.

When I left I was training up for a Mach or Vargur, so I have mimmatar BS V and going to be training for t2 autocannon/artillery. Every artillery fit I plug into Pyfa is lacking compared to my new sentry EOS (125m drone bandwidth is “new”) even at max skills. At 100km or more the Eos has 3 sentry drone types to choose from to reliably hit at that range all of which out DPS those ships in every reasonable configuration I’ve tried.

The Eos for the parts that matter have t2 sentries, 3x t2 drone damage amps in the lows, and 3x t2 omni directional tracking link in the mid’s with range scripts. And trying to do the same with 3 or 4 x gyrostabilizers in the lows and 3x tracking computers with range scripts and 1200mm artillery I keep coming up short compared to the Eos. Am I missing something?

Since arty is low DPS high alpha weapon type I see nothing wrong here. Working as intended.

You mentioned Mach and Vargur. If I remember correctly, you can get above 70 km falloff with AC. More than enough for the job.


DPS on an Artillery Mach is supposed to be low, but it hits for 12,000+

My Mach with 1400mm guns has a range of 86km.

Thank you, I was wondering if there was anything I was missing. This answered my question.

Artillery is for one shotting haulers not missions.

That statement used to be a lot more true last time I played. But they seem to have revamped haulers since, it’s not all that difficult to field 60k ehp t1 haulers.

not difficult and what moron bear players do are two different things. zkill is still chock full of them.

True, I’ve seen some bad fits when I used to PVP.

vargur got a huge buff recently, bastion module now makes you shoot twice as fast, Should make arty viable. although most of the time you probably want to be up close shredding with ACs

Hard to justify arties when autocannons can hit out 150+ with barrage

That’s interesting, would definitely make the Vargur far more viable. I’m still a bit iffy on doing it though due to random disconnects once in awhile due to the internet provider (comcast) or wireless router. I learned recently you don’t warp off to safety if you have bastion mode enabled.

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losing so much damage to falloff… arty is doing double the damage at that point

can always run a small/medium booster

a pithum c-type medium is enough to tank almost any mission out of bastion, in bastion its crazy good, and pretty much cap stable on a golem/vargur.

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