How about some Artillery love?

Compared to Beams and Railguns, Artillery sucks. The ROF and tracking is absolutely abysmal. 1400mm and 1200mm arties need to be brought more in line with rails and beams instead of just high alpha and crap beyond that.

so you want an 16k alpha strike every 5 seconds with perfekt tracking on a vargur ? go away and fly lasers b***

missiles and projectiles should suck a bit compared to the other stuff considering cap needs, if anything, some sort of plasma missile that doesn’t use ammo but a bunch of cap should be introduced.

Problem is, arties don’t just suck a bit, they suck a lot.

  • extremely poor tracking
  • 10 second reload
  • extremely slow rof
  • much lower DPS compared to other turrets

And what makes absolutely no sense is how a projectile based turret doesn’t have a high damage close range kinetic ammo (phased, emp, fusion). Dafuq? I can understand maybe just the 1400mm artillery having some of these drawbacks, but the 1200mm’s aren’t really any better at all, just even lower dps.

then fit something else if you cant figure out how to use artillery.

poor tracking ? did you try out 425mm Railguns ? not identical but almost the same
10 seconds reload, same as “normal” missiles much better then Rapid Missiles.
Slow RoF but big badabum
dps isnt important

I’m not sure if artys are still like this, but they used to be the highest alpha weapons in the game. That’s not that big of a deal for solo pvp, but it’s massive for fleet fights.

Also, ever wonder why tornados and thrashers are the most popular ships people use for trade hub ganking? It has a lot to do with artillery.

They are still high alpha.

Here’s some more points:

  • manual piloting can reduce tracking issue
  • 10s reload is par for the course, really
  • slow RoF makes manual piloting easier to pull off
  • low DPS offset by high alpha, making damage bonused hulls shine — watch active tanked opponents with tiny buffers :poop: their pants
  • No cap required! Makes RoF bonused hulls somewhat more viable as well. 1 less gunnery skill required to really master projectiles. Flexibility in tactics if you get into a cap warfare war brawl, shutting down their active tank & weapons for example.

Different tools for different jobs, you don’t want them to make all weapons basically the same. The point of artillery is massed fires for high alpha strike.

do you realize 1400mm is a 55" shell? 60" is 5 foot in diameter so its over 4 1/2’ wide shell trying to be loaded into gun. the hydraulics/machinery used for that is slow and precise. drop it and there goes 1/2 your ship. itll break a toe most definitely. the barrels have to be extremely thick so the gun powder doesnt blow it apart pushing a 4 1/2’ bullet out. if its 4 1/2’ thick, how long is it? those barrels move very slowly. hell the mighty mo’ had 9 16" cannons and it fired slow, now youre talking about 8 55"s?
c’mon man… =)

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