Arx Alliance - Null life outside of the blob!

Do you want fun null sec content without the blob that is the big blocs?

Arx Alliance is a sov nullsec alliance based in the region of Tenerifis as a member of the “Mistakes Were Made” coalition. We are currenty accepting recruits and potential member-corporations who are active, PVP oriented, and drama free.

We offer 100% Jita hull SRP for all alliance and coalition ops for doctrine ships including capitals, along with space and infrastructure to earn ISK for PVP shenanigans of all sorts. If you’re looking for sov nullsec outside the blue donut, contact a recruiter today.

What we offer:
Fully upgraded sov.
Nullsec without the blobs
Friendly atmosphere
Safe Space for making isk.
Content from small gangs to killing structures and capital kills.

What we require:
Full API (As per usual)
Must be able to fly a ceptor

A glimpse of what we have been involved in:

If you have any questions feel free to ask in our ingame channel ‘Arx Recruitment’ or mail on of the contacts in the MOTD of that channel.

Had a blast being involved in this litter skirmish last night -

Come join us on our fun ass roams :smiley:

Still looking for nerds to pew and have fun with!

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