Arx Alliance & Arx One - Think Outside the Bloc

Arx Alliance and Arx One are currently recruiting members and member-corporations who are active, PVP oriented, drama free, and are looking for a nullsec experience outside the blue donut. Arx Alliance is a sov holding nullsec alliance living in Tenerifis as part of the “Mistakes Were Made” coalition, a relatively small coalition fighting against the odds for a home in nullsec.

Whether you’re a newer player looking for your first nullsec experience or a bittervet looking for nullsec outside stifling and stagnant nullsec mega-coalitions, Arx Alliance and Arx One is recruiting those who think outside the bloc.

For more information on joining Arx Alliance as a member-corporation or Arx One as an individual, mail Michael Mach or Alasdair Sharp in-game, or join the in-game channel ‘Arx Recruitment’.

What we offer:

  • A small, but active and experienced community dedicaded to having fun above all else
  • Nullsec experience outside the blue donut
  • Daily fleets ranging from small roaming gangs to large coalition ops
  • Full SRP for eligible doctrine hulls
  • Upgraded space to make ISK


  • Full API audit of all accounts (One of which must have Omega status)
  • Must be able to fly an Interceptor
  • Willingness to learn and improve
  • Willingness to train doctrine ships

Some operations we’ve been involved in:

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We’re still looking for potential recruits old and new alike who are looking for null outside the blue donut.

Sharp probably wants me to bump this

Mike probably forgot to remind people we are still recruiting :smiley:

Mike didnt bump again. Come welp/mine/rat with us :smiley:

Come down and fly with us to be involved in the biggest fights in Eve.

Still recruiting

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Still recruiting ~

Still Recruiting nerds!

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Still recruiting PVPers to join us :smiley:

Dropped a mail to Mike & Kitty… hit me up if you are still looking.

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