We are looking for a Null Alliance to join

Hello, Me and about 6 friends just started playing Eve again. Some of us are familiar with the game, some not so much, and some just have no idea yet. We all started a corp together and are hanging out in high sec for the time being. I myself have played eve on and off for several years and have always just hung out in high sec until i got bored and moved on to another game. I do not want to make the same mistake this time and we have all come together and agreed to look for an alliance to join in Null. We are all aware that nothing is truly safe out there but are looking for something relatively secure to start doing activities and getting into the meat and potatoes of the game. As far as us being familiar with null and what comes with it, that is something we grasp due to us playing Albion online and being in the “black zones” and the comparability between the 2 games. As far as us just outright joining a corp together we typically like to forge our own path and govern ourselves, not saying we wont help or do our duty to help fight to defend, join alliance activities ect. Was just curious as to what is out there that might suit us. Research pointed me toward TEST and Brave but have not been able to get in touch with anyone in their diplomacy channels. We have our questions so be prepared if you make contact. Thanks for giving me the time. Cheers

you can come chat with us in our pub channel GLD Public. see if we are a fit.

still inquiring

Hey @Cooby_Toralen,

I’m the alliance executor for Total Eclipse, an upstart alliance in Providence bloc. I can’t promise you secure space in Providence – we’re in a war for two years and counting, but our friends own about 80 systems and there’s plenty of opportunity for ISK making in the region if you’re willing to learn the geography and watch your backs.

Albion’s black zones are familiar to me, and they’re a good place to learn the essence of nullsec. If you can do well there, you can do well in nullsec.

We started our corp last summer as a group of friends and steadily expanded, then formed an alliance so we could form a newbro/casual-friendly corp to join us. We joined Provi-bloc a few months ago and we’ve recently taken our first sovereign system as an alliance. We’re ambitious to become a superpower in the region and we have a lot of Eve experience which we could share with you guys to help you be the best corp you can be.

If you’d like to have a chat and see if we’re a good fit for you, come join us on Discord (you need to log in with Eve SSO so someone else can’t pretend to be you) and let’s have a chat.

Casual small Null alliance definitely seeking new members, No CTA’s as such just a willingness to defend our systems. Nice little dead end pocket to rat and mine in. Feel free to join the chat channel “Arkhos” for more info.

thanks for the reply guys, will get in touch today.

You guys should strongly consider wormholes, it sounds more like what you’re actually after. Nullsec is extremely stale, not much to do outside of ratting and sometimes defending your space in F1-smashing blobs.

Due to your size, it’d be impossible to get in a strong nullsec group (BRAVE, TEST, as you mentioned) without merging, most are looking at 50-100 man corporations with a strong PvP and industry backbone. The mistake would be to join one of the low-end pet alliances which offer little content or structure and would fuel a distaste for the game.

Hit me up on Discord if you’re interested in taking the dive, we could help you guys get set up. BearThatCares#1337

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