[ASMEK] Astrum Mechanica is recruting - Mining, Ratting, Industry, PVP, PVE (USTZ)

Astrum Mechanica is a small mining, ratting, Industry, PVP, PVE corp, located in nullsec.
We are part of the Dracarys alliance and the imperium coalition.
Our main focus is just enjoying the game with corp mates.

What we offer:

  • PVE/Industry
  • Large & Small Gang PVP/PVE fleets
  • Limited Corp & Alliance SRP
  • Corp and alliance Buyback programs!
  • USTZ Null and HS
  • Friendly environment
  • We understand the concept of “Real Life”

What we are looking for:

  • Mature Pilots - We have fun but we get serious when necessary
  • Abillity to use voice comms in corp discord/alliance comms
  • Minimum 3mil SP

Join discord!: Astrum Mechanica
or Join our pub channel! ASMEK Pub
Ready to apply: Fill out an application and register your characters


Actively recruiting!!!

Still recruiting!!

Lets gooo!!! Already got some new friends, lets get some more!!

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