Nullsec Corp Recruiting Self Sufficient PVP and Indy Pilots

TSC is recruiting USTZ PVP Corps!

I N C U B U S is looking for well-rounded pilots into our corporation in SOV-Null.
We are a part of a PVP alliance offering benefits such as SRP and organized PVP
Join our in-game channel for answers to any questions: SRCZM Recruitment

What We offer

  • Alliance Deployments

  • Access to more than 500 structures (Coalition, and Alliance) rigged service for all processes - reactions, manufacturing, research, invention and capital manufacturing.

  • Access to all ore types, access to R32 moons. 5% Ratting tax

  • Access to TrueSec Ratting Pocket, Ice and Ore Anoms

  • Corporation Doctrine Cache

  • PVP opportunities around every corner

  • Opportunity to supply Alliance market and contracts

  • Jump Freighter service to and from the Jita Trade Hub for your needs

  • SRP and Buy-Back programs courtesy of the alliance krabs

  • We welcome established industrialist and explorers as well as we want to expand our PvP capabilities with experienced PvPers(particularly US TZ) .

We would like to have more active, expierienced players.
Corporation cannot currently support training newbros.
Players experienced in LowSec and WH PvP are very welcome.


We would like to see 20m+ SP Mains
Capital Alt or the Willingness to Train into a combat Capital ship.
Mumble with working mic
Teamspeak (Used for collaborating with allies)

NON-PVP Peoples
Requirements are the same as PVP
Fly Logi; Sabre’s are pretty cool too

About Us

Adult - Alliance is 20+ adults who enjoy the complexity of the game
Mature - We’re not toxic; #1 Keep RL politics away
Collaborative - We help each other so that when the time comes we can hit hard and deal real damage
Fun - We see Eve as a game, RL always comes first.

Corp Killboard


Visit our Discord to get in contact with us, SRCZM Discord


Bumperino, had some fun roaming with the guys tonight

Recruitment is still open for new members! :slight_smile: Come hop on our Discord and hang out!


Caught a straggling TEST Nightmare today; unfortunately TEST didn’t want to fight :frowning:
Maybe next time :wink:

In other news I have plenty of ratting space available!

Free In-Corp JF Service When you join!

Online and ready to recruit!
Hop in discord and say hi!

We iz still recruiting!

Come roam with us sometime!

Recruitment is still open for now

:white_check_mark: Highly Active Alliance
:white_check_mark: Deployments
:white_check_mark: Make $$$ and fight baddies

:white_check_mark: Refugees Welcome!!!

Come and be part of something great!

New Discord Link Discord

Still Recruiting like-minded individuals!

Recruitment was temporarily closed but is now OPEN again!

Looking for PVP pilots!!

Recruiting experienced and self-sufficient PVP pilots!

Come get your pew-pew on!

Tengu Kill
Botting Gila Kill
1.7B Goon Pod
Botting Gila
Botting Ishtar Kill

Continuing our search for self-sufficient pilots!

Experienced PVP’ers welcome!


LF Good People

We have cookies!

Off work today, shoot me your name or convo I’ll be online all day!

Proud to announce we are now including industrial specific pilots to our ranks

2 Corp Moons %0 Tax to you!
Open moons available, %20 Tax paid to Alliance
Ore Anoms
Ice Belts
Tons of Planets for PI
Great Reprocessing and Manufacturing Facilities

If there is something you need we can get it for you!

Minimum requirements for Indy pilots are as follows

Same as PVP (FAX Caps for non-PVP Oriented Pilots)
Fly Logi or Sabre

Recruitment is OPEN

Come have fun and shoot the bad guys!

Apply today!

Recruiting dedicated players looking for a cool Alliance to have fun with :slight_smile:
Come by and have a chat!

Discord :))

Discord link above; come chat!

Working on getting more corp moons
Industrialists dream!

Om nom nom

Recruitment is open!

Come have a chat with us!

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