Assorted BPOs for sale

bump for Wednesday

Beck had two turn tables and a microphone. All I have is two weekend days and a fresh bump

48 offer on rag

No thanks. You’re not super far off, but this isn’t a fire sale

Good to know.

Bumped up. Some subcaps have been added and the Ragnarok has sold

Oh boy… It’s Thursday… Y’all know what that means!!! Exactly nothing to do with this bump.

how much for the wyvern bpo?

22 and it goes home with you

Was going to do a Super Bowl shuffle bump since football is back, but screw it. Go Bears

i presume it’s in jita or nearby ?

Right in the butthole of EVE, Jita 4-4

contract it over then

Contract up

FYI I’m putting BPOs up for sale and am accepting everything other than turbo lowballs (11 bil for a Hel BPO) what are yall doing? Buy my shiz

In game mail sent. Mail was from Stalin Miky.

Sorry for the time taken to reply. We’ll call this amorning bump I guess

Imma bump within 24 hours for RBG. Rest in peace ole girl. Much love and thank you for your service

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What is RBG?

How much for siege array and turret hard point?